Sex Kitten: Maids

Just like to play with sexy kitten maids? Then you are going to like this game! Bot don't forget that Slutty McSlut will probably be part of the game also... As it happens fairly oftenSlutty is in serious transactions. Things to do at the situation like this? Getting the job for starting! But pretty shortly you will find out that decent job is not a choice for Slutty which usually means you'll have to find some cash in different ways... which really means you will have to run around town and meet a few insane personalities and reaction their quizes (that is not so bad really - since you reminisce you will get some really sexy anime porn pictures for answers... and maintain your wellness). Just do not leave behind that you will need to find a large sum of currency at the close of the afternoon... or die trying as could Slutty said!

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Sex Kitten Hell

Another episode from Sex Kitten series. This time our hero is at the mall shopping. And he's to go on a journey. Do not ask me why, just stick to the narrative.

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