Hentai Puzzle 2

Another video puzzle game that is wonderful. All you need to do would be to swap two piece of puzzle to make one image. I think at the end you'll be pleased about the bonus you'll get.

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Spot Book 3

Another difference game that is simple. Only look at two images side by side to get what's different between these. Sometimes that can beeven almost not possible.

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Drop the Ball

In this logic game you'll need to use your whole head and humor to experience the degree and find a reward! The rules are extremely straightforward: you will need to remove all the balls from the board, knocking off them with different balls. In the conclusion of the match, just one ball should remain on the board. The ball knocks the other ball just in a straight line, getting on the prior in the shotball cage. You can not shoot chunks on neighboring cells, so you cannot walk right. If the ball flies out of the board without kicking the other ball, then you lose 1 life. It is possible to offset moves. You have to solve the puzzle in the allotted period, without losing all the lives. For each level passed as a reward you will see a beautiful hentai film with naked hot anime chicks. Superior luck!

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