Jenny The Secretary Part 1

Jenny was never considered to be the most beautiful woman but her working abilities in addition with pretty face and big tits has provided her a job of secretary at company that was big. Little did she know that this business will have some business troubles in the nearest future. But rather than finding ways to prevent the emergency everyone seems to be thinking about one thing only - how they can into Jenny's bra and underpants! From a nerdy passenger in the subway to Jenny's not so youthful boss - they all are thinking that their charm skills are enough to entice our leading lady. And a number of them are going to get their chances but when and who is it you will find out in case you will play this game on your own!

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Fuck Town: Great Job

Fucktown is a series of manga porn games that shows that you can have laid no matter what occupation you have. But that's the issue - in this specific game you have none! So you want to get set then you better find it and do it as soon as possible. And just like in a real city in Fucktown to get a job you will want to go on interviews. There you will be replying for diffferent questions requested by three distinct women. And ofcourse most of these will be hot looking girls so you already know just what to do - pass on the conversation , get the job, get laid with the interviewer! Throughout the game ou could get laid for 3 times - every time using new lady but only in the event you will provide right answers! Big tits - Is there any finer motive on acquiring a job at all in the whole planet (rather than only in Fucktown)?

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