Mortal kombat

Mortal Cum Butt

"Mortal Kombat"? No, this game is far finer - it's"Mortal Cum Butt" and though you'll come across some familiar characters here (like Kano or Sonya Blade) the act they'll be taking part in will be far more exicting! And you'll be able to play this game even in the event that you suck at fighting videogames - this is anime porn parody, meaning the whole process will probably be focused not only on the battle itself but about what will occur after Sonya will lose it to Kano and the way he'll decide to complete her... but if thought about Fatatlity then believe again - at manga porn games each and every fight concludes up with SEXUALITY! And what this Sexuality is you are going to see in all teh details with your own eyes if you will determine to play this game instead of reading this text.

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