King of Fighters (KOF)

Mai Shiranui titfuck blowjob

Mai Shiranui can lightly regarded as the most famous fighter from"King of Fighters" videogame roster. Why? Because she hes perfect ratio inbetween her curves and the amount of clothing allowing you love these kinks! From the way in thsi game you're going to love her wonerful tits while she will be pleasing your pink cigar together (yep, game is created from masculine's viewpoint!) . As a player you can use some deeds and setup options to make the session with Mai as you see it. It is possible to let her do the work or you are able to fuck her tits - ! Blowjob choices are available if you choose it to teh breast fucking for some reasons. To perform a money-shot just click on the star button in the right bottom corner - no need to pack up any pleasure bars!

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