Castellum Res Venereae 4

Thsi is currently forth variant of"Castellum Res Venereae" game series which means you will not only enjoy fresh experiences of primary leading lady of the game but in addition may solve fresh puzzles, run away new dangers and ofcourse to enjoy fresh henati cartoons in case if you are not successful in previous two things! And in case if this is inmortant for you here our heroine will get the sword in the very first-ever location so you don't have to escape all the moster in your way since now you can hammer up some of them. To move around utilize arrow buttons and also to utilize the blade press spacebar. As for the new improvement for your component 4 here you'll find 12 fresh hook-up cartoons most of which will be oriented to group sex themed scenes! And in case you have not played preceding games then you nicer find them on our site first-ever!

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