Elana Champion of Lust [Beta 1.8]

This is truly fairly big game so that it is going to require some time. But if you like escapade games using unique art style then most very likely the wait will be worth it! Events of this game take place in a dream universe where once was a lot of magic but it appears to be lost by the most part. But can be the origin of magic could be lost eternally? Maybe not on Elana's watch! Explore this planet, see different places, have conversations with characters and accomplish quests. Also it will be very useful to get on all areas of the life of Kingdom as sway but how you are able to do that you will have to find out on your own! Try not to skip scenes and not to rush - the game is complicated and you will have to spend some time matsering it.

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Attack DLsite

Name of the game is: I'll break into the office of the supply platform of DLsite, and also have my way with their mascot characters! Fight. Use your keyboard to control the game.More

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Pussymon 15

The adventures in the Realm of Pussymons will proceed in Episode 15: Lord Edwin's Request! After surviving thru the last experiences you and your friends return to the Pussymon Hunter Society where Lord Edwin has a fresh mission for you. As always story is being told thru visual novel styled dialods with sexy personalities (and non sexy characters also - lets be honest). After obtaining specifics of new mission you can explore fresh regions, visit unique locations, to unlock locked passages and talk with new characters for becoming more interesting quests. And of course there'll be new hot pussymons to catch - now the type of pussymons will depend even on daytime! Do not forget to rest and sleep as well as caring for your pussymons to uevery daily to nlock orgy cards!

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