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New game titled as"Nite with kelly" out of"Lesson of passion" serie swill tell you the story about a fellow named Mark who's spend a lot of time with attempting to get the ideal grilfriend. And it seems that all his searches are about to get a succesfull ending now when he meets Kelly - blonde hotty with a few antiques and nice tits. Ofcourse you will be playing as Mike and things to do will define how far our hero will move into seducing Kelly. Since it usually happens in these games there will be several different endings which means that your decisions will really influence the situation so choose wisely enough... or try all the possible variants in order to unlock all the endings and also to love all the sensual content this game has to offer!
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This is the seond period of"Venona Project" which by the promises of its founders will be stiffer and have mystical elements in it. That's right - this game is going to tel you the really thrilling story about a duo of characters who ended up locke din some bunker . Their titles are Kyle and Julie that an dthey both are young and attractive individuals which in teh scenario in this way barely have any significance... unless you will get a means for them to ease off while amassing all of the clues and usefull objects to break away this place. The same as any other sensual game from"Lesson of passion" show your choice will not only form the narrative in its own distinctive and individual methods but also make it one of few unique endings as outcome.
Nuclear Winter has come on earth. After the drugs disappeared, people revved into zombies. And they began to attack the survivors. The most important character of this game is a whore from a brothel who travelled to sustain. But on the way into the settlement, her camper moneyless down and the chick must walk to the desired point on foot. Now you have to take manage into yourhands and let the lady get through. Use the mouse and keyboard to interact with the game. Clickyop around snowdrifts to rescue people. Open the boxes to locate weapons, armor and items for survival. Kill zombies in order that they don't rape you. Help the woman remain alive and get into the camp. Do it at the moment.